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Une chanson pleine de tendresse...

Mary in the morning

Nothings quite as pretty as mary in the morning
When through the sleepy haze I see her lying there
Soft as the rain that falls on summerflowers
Warm as the sunlight shining on her head

When I awake and see her there so close beside me
I want to take her in my arms,
The ache is there so deep inside me

Nothings quite as pretty as mary in the morning
Chasing the rainbow in her dreams so far away
And when she turns to touch me I kiss her fingers so softly
And then my mary wake to love and love again

And marys there in summer days or stormy weather
She doesnt care how right or wrong the love we share,
We share together

Nothings quite as pretty as mary in the evening
Kissed by the shade of night and starlight in her hair
And as we walk, I hold her close beside me
All our tomorrows for a lifetime we will share


C'est une chanson que je veux dédier à Sylvie que j'aime avec autant de tendresse...

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